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Happy Birthday Karina !!



Today is Karina Hansen’s 25th birthday. We wish Karina only the best in the coming year. We are saddened that she has been at Hammel for approximately 8 months now. It isn’t too late to send Karina a birthday message to let her and the staff at Hammel know that she is still very much in our thoughts. Please use the address below.
Also this is a good opportunity to remind Karina’s parents and siblings that we are still doing all we can to support Karina. You can leave a note on this post or on our page for them.

We at J4KH thank each of you for your continued support. We appreciate you!

Hammel Neurocenter
Kognitiv Klinik, H4
Voldbyvej 15, 8450 Hammel, Denmark

Att: Karina and Ketty Hansen

Please share this message or your own message in support groups, forums, and pages. It would be wonderful to see the ME community leaving lots of messages of support. Thank you!

Justice for Karina ! All of Karina’s Human Rights have been severed


Justice for Karina


Why this is important

On Feb 12th 2013, 5 policemen from Holstebro county, Denmark, came to Karina’s house and forcibly removed her from her bed. There were also 2 doctors, a locksmith and 2 social workers present. Karina called for her mother’s help, but her mother was blocked by the police from aiding her. Karina used her mobile phone for the first time in years to call her mother, her father, her cousin and her sister, Janni. Karina is so ill that she can usually only speak in one or two word sentences, but during her removal she managed to call her father and say: “Help Dad, in my room”, and to her sister: “Help, Janni, I don’t know where they are taking me”. Karina’s mother could not answer her phone because she was surrounded by policemen. Karina was then driven to a hospital in an ambulance.

Her parents were not told where Karina was being taken or what reason they had for taking her. No paperwork was given to her parents. Later that day, they got a phone call and were told that Karina was at Hammel Neurocenter and that someone would call them every day at 10 a.m. to tell them how Karina was doing.

They were also told that no one could visit Karina for 14 days. On the morning of Feb. 13th, Karina managed to call her mother from her mobile phone. She said: “How can I get out of here? I can’t take this”. (”Hvordan kan jeg komme væk herfra? Jeg kan ikke klare det.”) Then the connection was cut. A few days later, Karina’s parents got a letter from a psychiatrist, Nils Balle Christensen (NBC), which said he would be in charge of Karina’s treatment at Hammel Neurocenter. He also wrote that because “of her condition”, Karina was not allowed visitors for 14 days. That ban on visitors was later extended to three weeks because NBC was on vacation.

Nils Balle Christensen works at The Research Clinic for Functional Disorders and Psychosomatics. He and his boss, psychiatrist Per Fink, believe that ME is a functional disorder. In Denmark, a functional disorder is understood to be a psychosomatic illness. The treatments the clinic recommends are: exercise, (GET), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and anti-depressants. The psychiatrists at this clinic have no experience with severely-ill ME patients and we fear that Karina is being treated incorrectly and that their mistreatment of her will lead to a severe and permanent worsening of her condition.

There has been no or little contact allowed with Karina’s family, Lawyer, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Association of Denmark. Various petitions have been set up and signed, letters have been sent to MP’s in the UK, European Union, Danish Ministry of Health, Danish Government of Power and the Denmark Royal Family. Since Feb 12th, 2013 visitation with her family has been sporadic. Information regarding Karina’s health has been censored or silenced. Some updates on her condition is published from time to time basically censored Some inside information tell a different story.

Karina believes they are trying to kill her with this line of treatment. Her condition is worse now than before she was hospitalized. All of Karina’s Human Rights have been severed. We have not been provided with the name of her lawyer and/or representative with the United Nations Human Rights and we have no uncensored contact with Karina or any of her representatives.


Understanding & Remembrance Day for Severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis


severely ill bedbound ME patients Posted by Jo Best @ Let’s do it for ME ! 8th August 2013 marks the first Understanding & Remembrance Day for Severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.  This idea was conceived by Diane, mother and carer of Lili, and has been launched by the 25 percent M.E. Group.   Diane’s account of Lili’s story may be read on Invest in ME website (click here).

25% of people with ME fall into the range of severe and very severely ill.  8th August was chosen as this is the birthday of Sophia Mirza, who died from very severe M.E.  in 2005 aged 32 and would have celebrated her 40th birthday this year.

Sophia was among those who paid the ultimate price for medical mistreatment as consequence of the medical ignorance and psychiatric dogma that causes suffering to this day, and which the Invest in ME strategy for biomedical ME research and education of the healthcare profession aims to address, and this is why they have our full support for the work they are doing, as it will help bring an end to unnecessary suffering and untimely deaths.

Professor Malcom Hooper and Margaret Williams wrote in a recent statement:  “The charity Invest in ME has provided a truly remarkable opportunity to address one of the biggest medical scandals in history and to remove what in 2007 Alex Fergusson, Presiding Officer (Speaker) of the Scottish Parliament, referred to as “the cold grip of psychiatry” on myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), which he said was “still far too deeply rooted in the world of ME” (” (click here).


In the press release announcing the launch of our campaign two years ago, we paid tribute to Sophia and Lynn Gilderdale.

The privately commissioned specialist neuropathology post-mortem examinations on both young women showed evidence of damage that warrants the World Health Organisation classfication as a neurological disease of the correctly named benign myalgic encephalomyelitis – benign as it is not fatal within a short time – hence the many years of unnecessary suffering that can ensue as a result of medical misunderstanding and mismanagement.  Just one such death is one too many, but there have been many more and the suffering of countless others is ongoing.  Behind the fun of our campaign lies a very serious purpose.  We aim to educate medical students, doctors and other health professionals about the facts of this disease and what is known from the ongoing research, so that they may be in a better position to treat patients correctly and at least do no harm if they are unable to prescribe effective treatments.  The National Institute of Clinical Excellence guideline for ME is in urgent need of updating and particularly with regard to severe ME. Read more>>